Terms of Service


These Terms of Service govern your use of Capoeira Flow and any related services provided. By accessing http://capoeiradl.cluster021.hosting.ovh.net/, you agree to abide by these Terms of Service and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

This agreement extends to your use of any product generated for you by http://capoeiradl.cluster021.hosting.ovh.net/, including but not limited to our “Terms of Service”, “Privacy Policy”, and “Cookie Policy” documents.

If you do not agree with these Terms of Service, you are prohibited from using or accessing http://capoeiradl.cluster021.hosting.ovh.net/ and from using any other services we provide. We reserve the right to review and amend any of these Terms of Service at our sole discretion. Upon doing so, we will update this page. Any changes to these Terms of Service will take effect immediately from the date of publication.

These Terms of Service were last updated on 2 August 2022.

Limitations of Use

By using http://capoeiradl.cluster021.hosting.ovh.net/, you warrant on behalf of yourself, your users, and other parties you represent that you will not:

  1. modify, copy, prepare derivative works of, decompile, or reverse engineer any materials and software contained on the http://capoeiradl.cluster021.hosting.ovh.net website (with the exception of generated policies for your own use);
  2. remove any copyright or other proprietary notations from any materials and software on the http://capoeiradl.cluster021.hosting.ovh.net/ website;
  3. transfer the materials from the http://capoeiradl.cluster021.hosting.ovh.net/ website to another person or “mirror” the materials on any other server;
  4. knowingly or negligently use the http://capoeiradl.cluster021.hosting.ovh.net/ website or any of its associated services in a way that abuses or disrupts our networks or any other service we provide;
  5. use http://capoeiradl.cluster021.hosting.ovh.net/ or its associated services to transmit or publish any harassing, indecent, obscene, fraudulent, or unlawful material;
  6. use http://capoeiradl.cluster021.hosting.ovh.net/ or its associated services in violation of any applicable laws or regulations;
  7. use http://capoeiradl.cluster021.hosting.ovh.net/ in conjunction with sending unauthorized advertising or spam;
  8. harvest, collect, or gather user data without the user’s consent; or
  9. use http://capoeiradl.cluster021.hosting.ovh.net/ or its associated services in such a way that may infringe the privacy, intellectual property rights, or other rights of third parties.

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property in the materials contained on this website and the products generated by http://capoeiradl.cluster021.hosting.ovh.net/ are owned by or licensed to Capoeira Flow LTD, and protected by applicable copyright and trademark law.

We grant our customers permission to use their purchased product for personal or commercial use on one (1) domain only. We grant our website visitors permission to edit the text of the purchased product as required on an ongoing basis, to suit the needs of the website on the specified domain.

These permissions constitute the grant of a license, not a transfer of title. This license shall automatically terminate if you violate any of these restrictions or the Terms of Service, and may be terminated by us at any time.

User-Generated Content

We consider user-generated content to be reviews of our service, submitted by users through our on-site feedback widget. You are solely responsible for the reviews you submit to us. You hold the intellectual property rights of the reviews you submit, and you grant to http://capoeiradl.cluster021.hosting.ovh.net/ a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, perpetual, sub-licensable, worldwide license to use, distribute, modify, run, copy, publicly display, translate or otherwise create derivative works of your review in a manner consistent with our Privacy Policy.

You give us permission to use your username and other identifying information associated with your review, as submitted by you, in a manner that is consistent with our Privacy Policy.