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Now you can train capoeira anytime, anyplace…

Capoeira Flow App Main Features

Once subscribed you will have complete access to:

Ten unique Capoeira courses

The app offers various unique Capoeira courses designed by Fabio Santos. Each course presents a combination of classic Capoeira movements with essential workout exercises, supported by step-by-step guidance. The tutorial and drills will help you improve your Capoeira skills and build your strength and confidence, and are very easy to follow.

Capoeira Library

The Capoeira video library contains over 300 detailed explanations of every Capoeira move you might encounter.

Online Tournaments and Virtual Cordas

A unique online grade system is built to push and motivate you and allow you to track your progress through the journey.


There is a general nutrition guide to get you started on your healthy journey, teaching and helping you understand a bit more about food and giving you healthy recipes to add to your day-to-day life.

Meet Capoeira Flow Team

Fabio Santos

Capoeira Flow is set up and run by Fabio Santos, Professor of Capoeira, a professional athlete, personal trainer, and an award-winning stuntman with over 20 years of experience in Capoeira. Fabio’s areas of expertise are Capoeira, parkour, acrobatics, gymnastics, and breakdance.
Fabio created his unique Capoeira courses by combining adapted movements of Capoeira, HIIT elements, and urban activities with the knowledge and the experiences he gained by teaching, travelling, and training with top athletes worldwide.

Through the Capoeira Flow Application, Fabio wants to share his unique strategy of teaching Capoeira online and prove that Capoeira is for everyone, regardless of their skills, background, or lifestyle.

Capoeira Flow Library

"Great for training and nutrition, the freedom of capoeira in one app."

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Capoeira Flow Nutrition

The New Capoeira Flow App

Now you can train capoeira anytime, anyplace…
New Capoeira App